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Croatia have started wine production about 2500 years ago, when Greek settlers introduced the tradition of viticulture in Dalmatia. Some of the first Greek vineyards have preserved to this day – Stari Grad Plain on Hvar island, that were included into the UNESCO list.

Currently Croatia is divided into four main regions in respect of viticulture: continental region (Slawonia, Zagorje and Zagrzeb), Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia. These main regions are divided into 300 smaller sub-regions. Croatia has got 17.000 registered wine producers and vineyards occupy 26.000 hectares, there are 2.500 types of wine (in most cases white), there are 200 types of grape wine in Croatia and 60 of them are autochthonic types. Each year Croatia produces over 61 000 000 liters of wine in controlled production.

Dalmatian wines are unique in all respects. They are perfectly matched with traditional, Dalmatian cooking and their taste and aroma cannot be compared with other wine. They are made of autochthonic type of wine grapes that cannot be found anywhere else. Wine grapes of this type have got "sunbathing" 280 days a year. Experts and connoisseurs of wines focus their attention on huge potential of Dalmatian winemakers and wines from Dalmatian vineyards can be found in the whole world.

The most popular types of Dalmatian wine grapes are: