Diving sailing Diving sailing
Diving sailing

Adriatic sailing is an unforgettable adventure, breathtaking sceneries and unusual atmosphere of Dalmatian cities, fishing ports and harbors…

But diving lovers know that crystal clear Adriatic water is a paradise for people who love the deep sea, underwater world that is full of fish, shellfish, corals, underwater cliffs, caves, antique amphorae and shipwrecks.

The diving sailing program was prepared for sailors who have a passion for diving. Especially for You, we prepared the list of locations that are the best to discover the underwater world according to the level of skills. 

We ask all people interested in diving sailing for a direct contact, so we can agree all details associated with the sailing. Apart from diving, we recommend additional attractions available in our „Additional options” price list 

Kabal - Hvar island, Starogradski Zaljev.

25-30 m tunnel that cuts the Kabal headland. Entrance to the tunnel is located on the depth of 9m, directly below concrete steps that lead to a small lighthouse. This corridor, a 25-30 m tunnel that cuts the Kabal peninsula is an asylum for rockfish, congers, red apogons and clam diggers that abstain from the world of shellfish. When we swim out on the other side of the headland on the depth of 17m, we swim along the wall with orange gorgonians and after a while we will swim to a scenic aggregation of strong blocks of rocks that create a complicated labyrinth of ravines and passes. At night, the walls around the headland are teeming with life. Langoustines come out of their shelters, so do orange shrimps and octopuses that hunt for shellfish. At night in the tunnel, You can find congers very often. Night diving in this area is organized only when there is a perfect weather and only with advanced groups.

Diving around the Hvar island

Diving locations near the Hvar island are very diversified in terms of terrain. There are all types of formations that are valued by divers, e.g.: vertical walls, caves, tunnels, underwater spires, stone slopes and scenic shoals covered with grass. Each location means different diving profile, different light and different animal world. There are two wreckages of fishing boats in the Splitskie Vrata narrows.

Difficulty level: medium. Time to reach from the base 45 min.
We swim along the rock arm near the strong wall that reaches the depth of 40m. This wall is covered with orange gorgonians and colonies of yellow sponges. This wall is a home of langoustines, crabs, etc. The shoals are full of fantastic rock blocks, sills and stone rubbles that hide small invertebrates.

Travna - Hvar island, Hvarski Kanal.
Difficulty level: medium. Time to reach from the base 50 min.
Underwater elevation that descents with a vertical wall to the depth of 45m. This wall is a home for rockfish and morays and we can find shoals of sargues, amarelas and chromises over the underwater top. You can also find eagle rays - timid rays that swim near the underwater cliffs and anglers that hide in stones. Astute observer will find a small dog shark hidden in a rock crevice - its presence is indicated by omnipresent "leathery", white eggs hung on gorgonians' branches and on sponges. You can also find a cabrilla under the rock overhangs. It is a large fish from the Serranidae family. You can also find seahorses on shoals in the bay.

Tatinja - Hvar island, Hvarski Kanal.
Difficulty level: medium. Time to reach from the base 45 min.
A beautiful wall that closes the Tatinja bay from the east. This wall is divided into segments with strong pillars with shoals of fish swimming around them. Smaller walls and rock steps are covered with branches of gorgonians. This wall hides langoustines, large Scillaride clam diggers, Flabellina snails and Nerejida polychaeta that travel on the wall.

Stiniva - Hvar island, Hvarski Kanal.
Difficulty level: medium and high. Time to reach from the base 50 min.
The wall that closes the Tatinja bay from the west side descents on vertical walls to the depth of 45 m. This wall allows for development of colonies of yellow sponges and soft Parazoanthus corals. You can find rockfish, morays and shoals of amarelas. This wall is cut with a long web covered with sponges, bryozoans and polychaeta.

Campanella - Hvar island, Vodnjak.

Difficulty level: high. Time to reach from the base 1h 30min.
The most popular diving location in the west shore of Hvar island. Campanella is a monumental, underwater rock spire located to the west of Mali Vodnjak island belonging to the Pakleni Otoci archipelago. Campanella has got 60-70 m and reaches the depth of  13 m and just like many other formations located in the open sea, it is being washed with strong sea currents that provide food for corals, sponges, etc. This small area is a home for small rockfish, pink hakes, mullets, congers, morays and shoals of sarguses, chromises, etc. The surface of the rock is covered with red Paramuricea Clavata gorgonians that start from the depth of 18-20m to the bottom. Attraction of diving is swimming thro the rock window that cuts the rock pillar that comes out of Campanella to the south on the depth of 32-36 m. During the second or other diving it is a good idea to swim around so called Small Campanella - a separate formation that is separated with a saddle from the main top. It creates a small underwater massif with Campanella. In view of great depth and frequent diving currents, diving near Campanella is addressed to advanced divers.

Stepenice - Hvar island, Starogradski Zaljev.
Difficulty level: medium. Time to reach from the base 30 min.
Scenic rock formations: walls, rock steps and overhanging rocks. A beautiful light and many living organisms. Pleasant, simple diving that is perfect for beginning divers and underwater photographers.

Kamulce - Hvar island, Starogradski Zaljev.
Difficulty level: medium. Time to reach from the base 30 min.
Aggregation of rocks covered with sponges, corals and sea mats with snails, rock fish and octopuses. The diving depth is 7-20 m.

Fishing boat wreckage (Ribolovac) Solta island,Splitskie Vrata.
Difficulty level: low. Time to reach from the base 90 min.
Wooden fishing boat wreckage with the length of 50 m. Depth: 11-20 m.

Mrduja - Solta island.
Difficulty level: low. Time to reach from the base 120 min.
Diving along not very large, 3-meter wall that leads to the wreckage of 25-meter fishing boat on the depth of 32-45 m.

A cave in Lućice bay - Brač island.

Difficulty level: medium. Time to reach from the base 90 min.
Certainly one of the best diving locations in the central Dalmatia. Two large rock windows on the depth of 3-4 m assure access to a large chamber. The cave has got the diameter of 30 m and depth of 23-37 m and it has got a rock rubble on its bottom. This rubble provides a shelter for brittle stars and starfish. Rock walls and ceiling create a house for langoustines, octopuses, crabs, polychaetes etc. The foreground of this cave is a naked, limestone rock with colonies of sponges and many sea urchins. There are interesting beak rocks to the north of the cave entrance on the depth of 3-6 m - they are covered with orange sponges.

Another interesting diving location near Hvar is an unusual formation called Jebeni Kamik. This stone has got 2 meters over the sea level, but it is only a top of an underwater pillar that comes out of the wall. You can dive on the depth of 16 m through a vertical, narrow gap inside the pillar that continues to descend in an expanding chimney that has got its mouth on the depth of 28-33 m. Surfaces of this stone and surrounding walls are covered with orange gorgonians and sponges.