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Sailing Tips

For some people sailing is only a sport and for others it is a lifestyle, philosophy and passion... All these people love sailing, wind, water and adventures. Sailing learns us other look on the world, gives us freedom and learns to believe in own power... During the sailing cruises, You can enjoy wonderful moments, the surrounding beauty, nature, sun and sailing with favorable wind. Sometimes weather makes sailing difficult and then it learns us humility to nature, team work and solving different problems in different situations.

The basic advantage of sailing is connection of active recreation with nature and discovering wonderful locations reserved only for so called „seadogs”. Of course sailing depends on nature conditions. Favorable conditions allow for sailing without the engine, but small wind requires using an engine. Sometimes sailing is impossible because of strong wind or storms. In this situation You have to wait in the port and continue the sail when the weather becomes more favorable after cancelling all warning. Fortunately, storms are not very frequent in Croatia. Weather Charter base Sailing holidays Sailing with skipper Recommended routes Good advices